Brutal knockout in a women's fight.  She fell helplessly on the boards

Kendra McIntyre is a 28-year-old British woman taking her first steps in the sport of professional mixed martial arts (MMA).. She has fought four professional fights so far, winning three and losing one. McEntire competes in the strawweight division.

Her last fight took place on Friday (April 26) at the LFA 182 event in South Dakota.McIntyre's opponent was the inexperienced Catarina Legorreta, who entered this fight with two previous victories. On Friday, I experienced the bitterness of professional defeat for the first time.

In the third round of the fight, McIntyre began to gain an increasing advantage. Her opponent was already extremely tired and was unable to defend herself against further attacks. The 28-year-old Briton took advantage of this fact and executed an acrobatic high kick that landed directly in Legorreta's face.

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The brutal blow had a devastating effect. Legorreta fell to the mat with a big impact, and the referee next to her immediately ended the fight. A moment later, paramedics ran to the octagon and helped the unconscious athlete.

A video clip showing the brutal end of the fight was spread on social media. Within 10 hours, it had over 600,000 views on X, and netizens in the comments were very impressed with McIntyre's kick.

The Briton achieved professional status in March last year. Perhaps McIntyre aspires to sign a contract with one of the most important federations in the future. Such great actions will definitely help her achieve this goal.

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