Pola Raksa and Bogusław Linda, this is the most exciting romance of the 80s.  Love wasn't like a movie

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They are 11 years apart. Their romance, although short-lived, caused a sensation not only among fans, but also among star friends. To this day, it is said to be the largest and hottest romantic The 80s Why Wasn’t Paula Raksa and Bogoslav Linda a Happy Ending?

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Paula Raksa was not planning to act. That changed one day while visiting… a milk bar

Paula Raksa, or rather, Apollonia Raksa, was born in Lida – a small town in the territory of present-day Belarus. completely after World War II She moved with her family to Wroclaw, and then to Jelenia Gora. After graduating from high school, Paula began her Polish studies, but over time abandoned it in favor of the acting department of the Higher State School of Film, Television and Theater. Leon Schiller in Lodz. All this thanks to a visit to a milk bar in the late fifties of the last century, where she was noticed by a weekly “Around the World” photographer, who offered her a photo shoot.

His effects appeared on the cover of the weekly magazine, which attracted the attention of many from the world of cinema as well. Raksa was noticed by the creators Movie The Seventh Devil, who offered her a job to produce. And so in 1960, Paula Raksa scored her goal Movie for the first time.

Then more job offers followed. The actress performed in M.in. In “Reality” by Anthony Bohdzyewicz or “Ashes” by Andre Waida. The boom in her career turned out to be the role of Marusia in “Four Tankers”. At first, Raksa was worried about how she would be taken in the role of a Soviet nurse, but viewers loved her.

However, Rexha did not expect such fame. In 1970, she admitted in an interview with “Akran” that this role greatly limited her:

No actor would willingly accept such a limit of emploi. I faced such a limitation early in my career. After my first films, it was decided that I should only play the characters of beautiful, simple, kind-hearted girls, i.e. the kind of roles called “first naive”. Such a rated actor begins to sigh for the roles of villains.

In particular, in the years 1964-1970, she was a raptor the wife of cinematographer, director and screenwriter Andrei Kostenko, with whom she had a son, Marcin (1967). However, the marriage did not continue due to the man’s infidelity.

Bogusław Linda’s life changed dramatically after moving to Warsaw

Bogusław Linda was born in 1952 in Toruń, and in 1975 he graduated from the State Higher Theater School. Ludvik Sulski in Krakow. He made his first career steps on the Krakow boards of directors stage The old one who got engaged to him in college. He first appeared in the series “Black Clouds” in 1973, but the character of the anarchist Gryziak in “Gorączka” turns out to be of major importance in his career. Agnieszka Netherlands from 1980.

However, before this happened, the actor at the age of 29 moved to Warsaw. He was already a father to 1-year-old twins and had a few “notable” roles to his credit. He was offered the role of Archangel Gabriel in Pastorałka Schiller and it was there that he met the then-known Paula Raxa.

All of Poland spoke of this romance in the 1980s. An emotional feeling from Pola Raksa and Bogusław Linda

When they met, Paula Raksa was 40 years old, but she was still considered a symbol of femininity and sexuality. So when the actress, after one of the rehearsals, suggested Linda, who had nowhere to sleep, to spend the night with her, he did not think for a long time. actors They lived together, and everyone talked about their romantic relationships. For “Na Żywo” magazine about the romance between spouses Absolute total complete Linda’s friend:

– You didn’t have to be so creative to figure out which way things were going to go. …

Unfortunately, it did not last long, only half a year. Disputes between the two lovers began to arise as a result of Linda’s strained relationship with Raksa’s 14-year-old son. The nail in the coffin turned out to be the actor’s boisterous lifestyle and penchant for other women, which Linda herself recalled years later:

Because then I saw only two things in my silly eyes: the flowers in one eye and the flowers in the other Women. The flowers were for commercial purposes. For sex and passion. What attracted me the most about the movie was the chance to meet so many beautiful actresses. And each time they differ, and not always the same, from colleagues from the theater.

How was Paula Raksa’s fate later? Today, little is known about her

Paula was adamant, so Linda had to immediately leave her apartment. Soon, the actress became engaged to Marek Piwarski, but this relationship was also short-lived.

Until the end of the 80s, it was possible to admire Raksa in the Współczesny Theater and Television Theatre. Her last show was in 1997 at the Dramatyczny Theater in Warsaw. However, the last production in which she participated was “The Kidnapping of Agata” from 1993. Later, the actress decided to devote herself to fashion. She even published a column on this topic for some time in “Rzeczpospolita” and passed the tests, receiving a designer’s license from the Ministry of Culture and Arts.

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But as time also passed from this area, a raccoon decided to cut herself off and move into the shade, away from the glare of the lights. In the 90s, the actress moved from Warsaw to Mazovia. For many years, Raksa has not appeared in public and does not give interviews.

Bogusław Linda’s career gained real momentum. We can still watch it on the big screen

Linda also wasn’t alone for long. After his separation from Raksa, he entered into an affair with Monika Jaruzelska. However, much more has been said about his love affairs than his later iconic roles that have earned him an imprint cinematography. In most cases, he’s played the tough guy, so he can still enjoy the Playboy patch and a loyal crowd of female fans. Lieutenant Eric in “Kroll”, Franz Maurer in “Psy” and Leon in “Sarah” are undoubtedly iconic roles that contributed to his career development.

Participation in the film Władysław Pasikowski “Kroll”, in addition to fame, also brought him love. On the set of this movie, he met his current wife, Lydia Popiel, who played a supporting character. in one of talks With Magda Omar, he admitted that he had always dreamed of owning something like this the love:

– I’ve always dreamed of great love. And when I met Lidka, the woman of my life, she was the most important ever since.

Although not everyone initially believed that the cinema lover would settle down much longer, the couple welcomed their daughter Alexandra into the world in 1992, and in 2000 they had a quiet wedding. In 2017, photographer Lydia Popiel admitted “Fififascinated by Linda:

– I didn’t care about it because it was the subject of my dream. His fame did not confuse me. Bogusław has a lot of charm in it, something so magnetic that even if it was sweeping the streets, many women would love it. And I love when a woman takes care of my man.

We can still admire Bogusław Linda in many popular products. The last high-profile films with his participation are “Mafia Women” of 2018, “Planet Singles 3” of 2019 or the third part of the cult series “Say” of 2020. This year, HBO Max also launched a crime series starring the actor Odwia, in which he plays, Among others, with Katarzyna Wajda, Andrzej Grabowski and Sebastian Fabijański.

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