“Green border”.  Agnieszka Holland’s film will be screened at the Vatican

– This film shows in a very unfair and unauthorized way, which leads to damage to border guard officers, the entire professional formation of border guards, soldiers, and all those who defend the Polish border at risk of their health and lives, and who care about the safety of Polish women and men, safety Our state – claimed MP Mariusz Kaminski.

Special place before “Green Borders” shows

– Because this film contains a lot of lies and distortions and shows a false, incorrect and unfair picture of the officers, formations, Poles, the Polish state and Polish state institutions that I mentioned, we decided, as the management of the Ministry of Interior and Administration decided, to release this film in cinemas throughout Poland. He said. Błażej Poboży, the disgusting satire will be preceded by a specially prepared setting to show the elements that were missing in the film.

The minister added that the spot “clarifies the context of the hybrid operation, the path of this operation, and the solution we presented to ensure the safety of Polish women, Poles, and the Polish state.”

David McCallum is known from the series "The man from uncle" And "NCIS agents"He died at the age of 90

Actor David McCallum, star of the TV series NCIS, has died

Mateusz Morawiecki: “Green border”? It’s a waste of time watching

Prominent PiS politicians also spoke critically about Agnieszka Hollande’s film. On Monday, at a rally in Krasnik, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki spoke of “anti-culture” and propaganda worthy of the worst examples, for example “Orban, who incited the death of Pastor Jerzy Popieluszko.” – What I mean here is this mockery, this disgusting picture, disgusting picture of Poland, Polish uniforms, Polish soldiers, Polish border guard officers that Ms. Hollande presented – he said.

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