Borixon with a short film and the largest production in spacerange history

We are entering the final stage of promotion for a Mixed Music Arts (MMA) album. Three days before the album premiere, Borixon publishes the introduction.

The content of the movie is set in a department store where two masked men commit a robbery. None of the sounds heard in the film resemble those of Borekson. The title of the movie is the same as the title of one of the tracks from the recently revealed song list. Completing the title with intro indicates that it could be an ad.

The action of the movie is amazing. Initially, the man was caught stealing by the security guard, but he managed to escape with the loot. He rushes through the corridors of the store, shouting as calmly as possible for his companion’s nickname and trying to persuade him to leave the crime scene as quickly as possible. Opinions are exchanged between the gentlemen in a dynamic fashion, but Brown (the nickname used during the film) remains adamant and, despite urgent requests from his companion, decides to continue the looting.

Suddenly, one of the robbers started running away with loot, but after a while, his classmate knocked him to the ground. The stalker does a few hits and eventually the board comes up with the album announcement.

You can’t see Borixon at any point in the movie, nor can his voice be heard. The music only reverberates for a short time, but it is the tone itself. However, from spacerange’s social media, we learn that the movie is a preview of a music video – the largest production in the company’s history. From the credits in the film, you can tell that spacerange is responsible for executive production, Igor Ignacy Leśniewski was responsible for the work of screenwriter and director, and Konrad Bloch is responsible for the DOP.

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