Anthony Mackie as Captain America and Harrison Ford as General Ross in images from the Marvel movie
The lucky ones gathered at CinemaCon had the chance to see the first trailer for Marvel's “Captain America: Brave New World.” The rest of the world will have to make do with the new photos released by Entertainment Weekly.

Sam Wilson and Thaddeus Ross in new photos

The new images give us a look at old MCU heroes played by new actors. Anthony Mackie is the new Captain America in the movie. Although it's a completely different hero hiding under that costume. Sam Wilson took over the role previously held by Steve Rogers.

It's a little different with Harrison Ford. For the actor, this is his first adventure in the Marvel universe. However, he will be playing a character that viewers already know – Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. However, he was previously played by William Hurt.

You will find the pictures below:

We remember the first phase of Marvel

About the movie “Captain America: Brave New World”

Plot details “Captain America: Brave New World” Not known. All we know is that the movie will take place after the events presented in the series “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”in the finale in which Sam Wilson (Mackey) abandons the Falcon identity and debuts as the new Captain America.

In addition to Maci and Ford, the cast includes: Liv Tyler (as Betty Ross).), Tim Blake Nelson (as Captain), Carl Lumbly (as Isaiah Bradley), Danny Ramirez (as Joaquin Torres), and Shira Haas.

Julius Ona (“The Cloverfield Paradox”) was behind the camera.

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” series trailer


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