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Guests of the “Rymanovsky Breakfast” talked about the exchange of words between the President and the Prime Minister, which took place on Saturday on Platform X. Both politicians used phrases in a foreign language: in English and German.

According to Robert Kropionecki (KO), Donald Tusk “stresses determination to restore the rule of law in Poland” and the world media is taking notice and that is good for us. The Prime Minister's entry was linked to materials published by CNN.

– We were moving away from Western European democratic standards, and the rule of law was being destroyed. “We are on the way to restoring order and the rule of law in Poland as understood by Western European civilization,” said the Deputy Head of the Ministry of State Assets.

When asked by Bogdan Rymanovskiy what the Prime Minister was ready to do “at any cost,” he replied that it was a matter of respecting the Constitution, “so that the rule of law would be understood as the independence of the judiciary” and “the Prosecutor General’s Office.” “He works for the state, not for a political party, as has been the case in recent years.”

In response to the comment that Tusk's post could be interpreted as a joke about Duda's knowledge of the English language, Krpionecki replied: – Everyone reads how they want. I read it straight away: Donald Tusk confirmed his design.

In turn, Wojciech Kolarski from the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland said that the rule of law and public order is “like Radio Yerevan in the Soviet Union.” – You remember, there were such jokes. Radio Yerevan reported that they were distributing cars in Moscow, and later it turned out that they were not giving them away, but rather stealing, not cars, but bicycles.

He continued, before the elections, “the platform talked about restoring the rule of law,” and after the elections it became clear that the rule of law and “the largest investments in infrastructure” had been liquidated. – I look with depression at the fact that the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland insults the President in such a pathetic way and thus gives a signal to his camp that he should be treated in this way: with sarcasm and sarcasm – as mentioned.

The Minister of the Presidency believes that “the contempt industry 2.0 is about to begin in full swing.” – (Andrzej Duda) During his speech at the opening of the Sejm, he not only declared his readiness to cooperate on the most important Polish issues, but also shook hands with all the leaders, including Donald Tusk, and convened the National Security Council to present to the government representatives of the most important issues for Poland – he said.

Kolarski then reported that when the National Research Council convened in Belweder, Culture Minister Bartlomiej Sienkiewicz “forcibly presented his comrades to the public media, in violation of the law.” The host then gave the floor to Joanna Schuring-Vilgus, Vice President of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage on behalf of the Left.

-We are open to sitting at the table and talking. She replied: “We look at the situation differently, but we must always look for the light at the end of the tunnel.”

She added that she does not like “quarrels, especially political ones,” organized by representatives of different camps through social media. – I am surprised that the president is involved in all this. Did he have to answer Tusk? I noticed he didn't have to.

According to her, the participation of people close to Duda in the exchange of opinions is “absolutely unnecessary.” – Knowledge of languages ​​is a mockery. I never criticize anyone (for this), why? These are not our mother tongues. She emphasized that we can make fun of someone who says something wrong in Polish, but I am far from that here.

Schuring-Vilgus admitted that she was happy because “the prime minister wants to implement the rule of law in Poland at any cost.” Bogdan Rymanovski then recalled the phrase used by the president: “terrorism of the rule of law.”

– I also think that using such words is a bit exaggerated, and the Law and Justice Party has used all kinds of terms to describe the situation we are experiencing this month. She added: “I don't know what will happen in a month.”

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