Even these things will be tax deductible in 2023. List of tax breaks [27.01.2023]

From February 15 to May 2, 2023, you will have to settle accounts with the Tax Office. It is worth remembering that taxes are not only the need to pay, but also the possibility of taking advantage of tax breaks and earning extra money. We have prepared for you a list of tax breaks that you can take advantage of in 2023. Check.

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Tax exemptions, that is, the right stipulated in legal regulations to use it in specific situations preferred by the state, the end result of which is a reduction in the amount of personal income tax.

In 2023 we must also remember about tax breaks of up to PLN 30,000. zlotys. This is important because in order to get a tax refund, we must pay it first. If our annual income does not exceed 30 thousand. zlotys, we will not be able to deduct many exemptions, which, however, does not mean that we will not enjoy any refunds, because there are some exceptions.

Natural persons who have not earned any income in a given tax year, such as unemployed persons who are dependent on their spouse, and students who are supported by their parents, are not required to file annual settlement returns.

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