Podkarpase.  The ex-president of the company is in his custody.  It was supposed to allocate more than 48 million PLN

The District Court of Rzeszow has detained for three months the former head of Podkarpacie, Mieszko C. suspected of extortion of more than 48.6 million PLN from 356 people. His properties in Spain, which are worth more than 200 million PLN, were insured against future sanctions.

As announced by the Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszow on Wednesday, suspect Misko C, as chairman of a company based in Šuilcha, Podkarpaşe, was to issue corporate bonds in 2016 and 2017, providing false statements about the company’s good. condition. “He undertook to purchase it within a specified period of time with interest, and to allocate the collected funds, among other things, to improving the debt structure and financing the development of the company’s business,” the attorney general said.

Selected, tested and selected shows

The 44-year-old had to mislead investors about the company’s investments and convince them that they were more advanced than they really were. He also gave false information about the purpose of the money obtained from issuing bonds. It gave the impression that its offerings were handpicked, tested, time-limited and targeted at a select group of investors, the OTP alleges.

– Thus, he concealed real data, which could have a significant impact on the assessment of the issuer’s ability to fulfill its obligations under the bond, as well as disseminated false information and concealed information about the ownership status of the offeror, which is important for the issuer. Purchase of issued securities, informed the Prosecutor General Krzysztof Ciechanowski, a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów.

Two yachts instead of paying off debts

Investigators add that from May 2018 to August 2020, Mieszko C. was supposed to allocate the money transferred to him from the sale of bonds, without payment on the maturity date (that is, on the repurchase date). 356 people were injured, losing an amount of more than 48.6 million PLN.

As reported by the Rzesso Prosecutor’s Office, despite the imminent insolvency of the company, the 44-year-old “reduced the satisfaction of several of his creditors” by rewriting two yachts and several properties with a total value of more than 1.5 million PLN. Mother.

Mieszko C. also answers the fact that, despite justified circumstances, he did not file for bankruptcy.

Property in Spain guaranteed against fines

The arrested businessman provided explanations but did not plead guilty to the alleged acts. – He indicated, inter alia, that he had no possibility to repay the dues, because the company, of which he was the chairman of the board of directors, declared bankruptcy – adds Prosecutor General Chichanovsky.

As part of future sanctions, the Public Prosecutor confiscated the suspect’s property located in Spain, the value of which is about 500,000 euros, that is, more than two million zlotys.

Main image source: tvn24

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