January 30, 2023


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New deadlines for paying contributions and submitting settlement documents

New deadlines for paying contributions and submitting settlement documents

For most payers, the deadline for filing settlement documents and paying Health and Social Security contributions changes.

The fifteenth day of the month A new term for contributors with legal personality, that is, joint stock companies, limited liability companies or cooperatives – explained ZUS spokesperson Pawe Żebrowski.

The twentieth day of the month It is a term for entities that are not legal persons, i.e. natural persons who operate sole proprietorships or partnerships. Until now, people who paid the contribution only to themselves had to settle their accounts with ZUS no later than the 10th day of the month – the spokesman added.

For budget units and local government budget institutions, the deadline remains the same – this The fifth day of the month.

Changes in the deadlines for paying contributions and submitting settlement documents to ZUS are caused by regulations introduced by the Polish system. The new deadlines apply to the settlement of contributions to the Social and Health Insurance, Employment Fund (FP), Solidarity Fund (CF), Guaranteed Employee Benefits Fund (FGŚP) and Pension Fund (FEP) – starting with adjustments for January 2022.

From the new year, entrepreneurs must Also, remember to commit to submitting billing documents on a monthly basis.

– Due to changes in the determination of the health insurance premium, entrepreneurs who pay their insurance contributions or people cooperating with them will have to submit settlement documents to ZUS every month for the period from January 2022 – Żebrowski emphasized.

To make it easier for contributors to fill out documents, the Social Insurance Corporation has prepared short instructions with correctly completed ZUS DRA and ZUS RCA forms, which are available on the ZUS website.

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People who need assistance in determining the basis for the amount of contributions, calculating the premiums or preparing settlement documents, among other things, can use the special hotline of the Social Insurance Institution, phone 22-290-55-00 or visit the Social Insurance Institution online.