May 28, 2023


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Almost everyone makes this mistake when paying with a card. Few people know about it

Credit card. Why is it worth getting a confirmation in addition to the receipt?

Many people have long since given up holding coins in favor of making them card payments. Who among us has not had such a situation after applying it to the terminal, The transaction was not accepted Although there are funds in the account? The treasurer took over Another tryAnd maybe the next day. This is common, for example, when a store experiences a temporary power outage or when there is a problem communicating with a bank. Sometimes, also during the transaction, we change our mind and quit the purchase.

After looking at the account, we find out that double money has been taken from it. so what? Charging your account multiple times for a single charge as a result of multiple payment attempts is exactly what happens when… Payment confirmations are required Or too Confirm rejection. If we do not have these models, unfortunately we will not receive a refund due to The bank will not consider the complaint. So it’s worth – regardless receiptWhich is necessary for an exchange or return – also ask confirmation copyEspecially when there are problems with payment.

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