WWE Royal Rumble : Cody Rhodes son is the second Royal Rumble match man

Cody Rhodes is the big winner in the Men's Royal Rumble for the second year in a row!

In fact, Cody entered the Royal Rumble match at number 15, and he managed to stay in the ring until the very end. Despite Sami Zayn's return in the 30th entry, Drew McIntyre kicked him out of the ring to complete the final four between Cody, Drew, CM Punk and Gunther.

The last two in the ring are Cody and Punk. The two exchanged long holds and blows before ending the encounter. Cody blocked another GTS and was able to kick Punk out of the ring.

So Cody Rhodes will go into the main event of WrestleMania 40 and he will face Roman Reigns. Cody celebrated his win by pointing to the WrestleMania 40 logo, then pointed to Undisputed WWE Champion Roman Reigns on the box in the stands.

To follow this WrestleMania 40 adventure you must watch the next WWE shows.

Check all the results of Royal Rumble 2024 in this link.

Photo credit: WWE

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