Propaganda film for Victory Day.  This is what the Russians will see

“In Gorky Park, on May 9, they will screen films on the theme“Nation of Heroes” (…) Viewers can watch the documentary “Aty-bats, they went from the screen to the battle of the soldiers” from the series “Eternal Motherland” (…) and the short films “Old Soldory” and “Victory”.– Jędrzej Morawiecki reported after Russian media.

Part of the Russian media in Poland is not available. Morawiecki publishes on his Facebook page “Morning propaganda press from Moscow”. Collects headlines of local newspapers and translators. Reading the shape of the Kremlin-based media gives you insight into propaganda propaganda.

Let us recall that on the night of May 8-9, 1945 in Berlin, the top leaders of the Wehrmacht, at the request of the Soviet Union, for the second time signed the unconditional surrender, which sealed the end of World War II in Europe. Earlier, on May 7, 1945 in Reims, France, the surrender of Germany signed by General Alfred Jodel was accepted by Allied generals Walter Biddle, Ivan Susloparov and François Seves.

During his speech this year on Red Square in Moscow, Putin referred to the events in Ukraine and made several absurd theses. – It’s the same now. You are fighting for our people in Donbas for the security of our homeland. Victory Day is close to our hearts. There is no family in Russia that was not affected by the Great Patriotic War. We are proud of the generation of winners – he said.

The program of celebrations also included film screenings prepared by the Guild of Producers and Film Organizers of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia. It will take place as part of the “International Theater of the “Immortal Regiment” – during the Biessmiertnyj Swallow on D-Day, its participants march with pictures of their family members who fought in the Great Patriotic War.

Viewers will be able to watch The movie “The Soldiers Came” From 1976, part of the “Eternal Homeland” series. Two parallel plots are shown in the movie. The first took place in the mid-70s, the second – in the spring of 1944. At the end of the event, both lines are closed – literally – on the battlefield that takes place on March 18, 1944, whose memory the viewer celebrated on March 18, 1974.

The film, dir. Leonid Bykov (who was also an actor – appeared in, among other things, “May Stars” by Stanisław Rostoki and “Tiger Slayer” by Nadezhda Koszewierowa and Aleksander Ivanovsky) is based on the memoirs of Soviet actors: Innocent Smoktunovsky, Yuri Nikulin, Vladimir Babanovi and Antosha .

"Soldiers were walking" From 1976. Poster“Soldiers have been walking” since 1976. Posters – media material

In addition to Bykov, the favorites of Soviet cinematography also appeared on the screen: Vladimir Konkin, Yelena Szanina, Leonid Bakshtaev, Yevgeny Uralov, Giga Avaliishvili, Bogdan Penyuk, Nikolai Girenko, Otabek Gangyu, Ivan Gavarelita, Vladimir Gerasim. The image can be seen in the original here.

This is also from this movie Bułat Okudzhway’s song “Bieri szinel, they’re home” (“Take your coat and let’s leave here”).

Bykow was born in 1928 in the village of Znamianka Druga. He was a Ukrainian actor, director and screenwriter. In 1965 he was awarded the title “Honored Artist of the RSFSR” [Rosyjskiej Federacyjnej Socjalistycznej Republiki Radzieckiej – red.]And in 1974 the title of “People’s Artist of the Ukrainian SSR”. Participate in the production of films about World War II. The director died on April 11, 1979 in a road accident on the highway from Minsk to Kyiv.

Viewers will also be able to watch short films: “The Old Soldier” by Sergei Batayev and “Victory” by Dmitriy Hunin from 2020. Both titles will not be found online – perhaps they will be available on Russian-language platforms that are not available in Poland.

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