Szyc starred with his daughter in the movie.  It wasn't always colorful: crying and laughing

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A few weeks ago, the shooting of “Ryfka” began, a picture of two generations: father and daughter, who have not communicated with each other for a long time and have a different view of the world. After several days of hard work, the last shot was filmed on the set of this interesting and promising production. As we said earlier, the title role was played by Sonia Szyc . Ryfkawhile her father was playing Boris Sisek. The teenager had a chance to debut Next to stars like: Magdalena CelicaAnd the Jan Beszyk if Iza Kona. After the shooting ended, the proud father decided to sum up the time he spent with his daughter in front of the cameras.

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Boris Szyk shouts happily because of his daughter’s acting skills

In his Instagram post, Borys Szyc talked about his work with his daughter on the set of films. Above all, he praised Sonya’s superb acting skills. The artist did not hide his pride, although he knows that in a few weeks they both experienced different feelings.

– Borys Szyc wrote, enclosing a joint photo with his daughter.

husband added Justyna Nagłowska-Szyc.

We’ll have to wait a little longer for work effects and to learn about Sonia Szyc’s acting skills. The premiere in cinemas of the film “Ryfka”, with the role of the daughter of Borys Szyc, is scheduled for 2023.

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