Orleen warns.  They issued a special announcement.  What do you watch out for?

As Orlin warns, “Fake ads that guarantee big and specific earnings allegedly appear mainly on Facebook and YouTube portalsor various websites, or in correspondence, text messages, or online advertisements.”

scammers Encourage investment in shares of Orlen Group companies. In their advertising, they illegally use not only the Orlen logo, but also the name and trademarks of state enterprises and state-owned enterprises.

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How not to be fooled?

On his website PKN Orlen Make a graph with help showing which ads to pay attention to. Scammers often post montages, including with the profiles of politicians and celebrities.

PKN Orlen warns of scams

8 tricks for greedy mechanics

PKN Orlen has prepared a list of seven points, thanks to which you can identify scammers impersonating a source of concern.

1. Profile pictures often show a modified logo of PKN ORLEN or other state-owned companies. It is also used in publishing graphics and advertisements.

2. Pay attention to the suspicious names of the profiles that the posts come from. In the drawing form, they show a name similar to PKN ORLEN. A good way to check the credibility of a profile is also to check the number of followers. If it is small, it could mean that the website is just impersonating the corporate identity.

3. The texts of the publications contain false information about the alleged investments and assets of the ORLEN group or other state-owned companies. It may also contain language errors.

4. The graphics placed in posts are often composite images. The photos also show profiles of politicians, athletes and board members of state-owned companies.

5. Graphics may contain different text colors which are not used by PKN ORLEN.

6. Posts lead to pages that are not in any way related to PKN ORLEN or authorized brokers.

7. Posts with false information may have a large number of negative reactions and a small number of comments, which may indicate that the comments of people who are trying to warn others about fraud are hidden.

Crooks chase drivers! How not to fall for their tricks?

Source: Orlen.pl

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