Kate Winslet had an accident while filming a movie in Croatia.  She was taken to the hospital

About the movie Intifada Personal Biography Lee Miller has been speaking for seven years. However, production only began in 2020. Next to Kate Winslet, who will play the main character, W Movie It also stars Jude Law, Andy Samberg, Marion Cotillard and Josh O’Connor.

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Kate Winslet had an accident. She was taken to the hospital

a lot of it Movie She will have work during the war, more specifically in the years 1938-1948. Currently, the photos were taken in the ruins of the Grand Hotel in the village of Kabari. The building was destroyed during the Civil War in 1991 and the movie is a re-creation of ruins from World War II.

He made a documentary about the Queen. “Many would like to have such a novelty”

The actress was injured there in the “bay of dead hotels” and was taken to a hospital in Dubrovnik. The actress’s agent reported the whole event in an interview with the portal Limit:

Kate recanted and was taken to the hospital – a precaution required by the production. Everything is fine and will be back to work later this week as planned

However, the star representative did not say what injuries the actress sustained and in what circumstances the accident occurred.

What would “me” be?

The film is directed by Elaine Corras, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 2009 for “Betrayal”. Winslet confirmed in an interview with Deadline in 2021 that it will never be Personal Biography. The film tells about the most exciting decade in the life of a journalist. “We wanted to find the most exciting decade in her life, the decade that determined who she was and who she became thanks to what she went through. It was the period 1938-1948, which led her through the whole war and the most important of which was the time ”- this is what she said about the film actress.

The dark story of two sisters from The dark story of two sisters from “The Silent Twins” has already happened.

Lee Miller got her start as a model in the 1920s, but after a short time stood on the other side of the lens, becoming a photojournalist. After the outbreak of the war, she worked as a war photographer. She became known after the release of her photos from the liberated concentration camps. Thanks to them, among other things, the world learned about it crimescommitted by the Third Reich against the Jewish community.

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