A horrific film from the Polish-Belarusian border.  “They tangled up in our concert. There will be many wounded.” - Wprost

registration Posted by Mariusz Kurnyta, better known as Jungle Man. The event was recorded by a Polish border guards officer who called for help to the victims. The movie was shot at night, so not every detail is shown. It was recorded in the light of pulsating lamps. The recording shows how Aleksandr Lukashenka’s regime officials forced the emigrants onto the Polish side. Aliens are pushed into barbed wire that hurts them. You can watch the beating and kicking and hear the screaming and crying of women.

Record, record! They intertwined in concertina. There will be many wounded. You will need medical attention. Record this blood. Well salute to a soldier?! Show me the killings! Sołdaty, help them – hear the voices of the Polish border guards. After a few minutes, the Belarusians left and the Poles were caring for the wounded. An excerpt from the recording was provided by Piotr Czaban.


Seven Cubans at the Polish-Belarusian border

Border Guard spokeswoman Lieutenant Anna Michalska also reported victims Polish-Belarusian border They are Cubans. – Belarusian services dealt with illegal immigrants very brutally. We have urged them to stop these activities. She said we were the ones who helped. According to her words, there were seven people in the group: five men and two women. They are all Cuban citizens. – These people told us that they could apply for international protection in Poland, but these people did not want to stay in Poland – Michalska said.

Border guards ask for an explanation

Official intervention was also made in the case of the accident involving the Cubans. “In the case of the recording showing the brutal treatment of foreigners by the Belarusian services, the Commander-in-Chief of the Border Guard and the commander of Podlasie OSG demanded clarifications from their counterparts on the Belarusian side. The Belarusian side responded that it is investigating the circumstances of the incident. We are waiting for further clarifications “ – She was informed.

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