Laura Bryshka adopted her nephew.  “No light motherhood”

Laura Bryshka She became known to viewers not only as the heroine of many series, but also as a comedian. As we saw the star on the show “SNL Polska”, he also participates in many skits. We can see it in, among others: “In Love to the Ears”, “Professional Secret”, “M jak miłość”, “Ciszy nad rozlewowisko” or “Singielce”. And on Friday, TVN7’s comedy series “We have to”, in which the star plays a mother facing the prose of life. The role of the mother is well known to Laura Bryshka. A few years ago, she welcomed her daughter Leah into the world. In 2019, the actress said goodbye to her beloved sister, Olivia. A year after her sister left, she wrote on Instagram:

The 36-year-old gave birth to a son, and after her death her younger sister decided to adopt the child.

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Laura Bryshka adopted her nephew

The actress does not complain about the lack of responsibilities. In the last interview, she talked about the role of the mother and the arrival of her second child to her home.

“No light motherhood. The second child turned my world a little upside down, but I do not regret this decision. Children get along well, and most importantly, they love each other. I can work in peace. My mom helps me take care of the children. I also have a lot of good people around me. It’s not bad, I’m not complaining– She admitted in an interview with” Super Express “.

Who is Laura Bryshka?

Laura Breszka was born on January 18, 1988 in Wroclaw. She is an actress and TV presenter. In 2010, when she was a student at Lodz Film School, she made her big screen debut in the movie “Nie ten man”. TV viewers may associate it with the game in the series “Julia” (2011-2012) and “Cisza nad rozlewowisko”, The role of Malina in “Singielka” was most appreciated.

In 2016, Laura Breszka was nominated for the Pleiades Star Award in the category “Debut of the Year”. In 2018, she was one of the stars of SNL Polska in which she performed skits and satirical “Weekend Update”. In particular, she was associated with Antoni Królikowski and Mateusz Król.

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