Prices in warehouses fell by up to 24 percent.  Sixth month of declines

The PSB notes that the prices of building materials fell for the sixth month in a row. In the wholesale channel, the price decrease amounted to 4.2 percent, while in the retail channel it amounted to 2.1 percent. Comparing February to January this year, prices fell on average by 0.4%.

The PSB Handel Group brings together over 400 small and medium-sized family businesses trading in 284 building depots, 361 PSB Mrówka supermarkets and 78 PSB Profi retail outlets. About 14,000 people work at these points. the people.

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As reported, the total revenue of PSB partners from the sale of building materials and home and garden materials in 2023 amounted to approximately PLN 8.9 billion, or approximately 18%. Share in the local market for building materials distribution.

Construction is slowing down

According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics for January 2024 (data for February has not been published yet) Construction and assembly production fell by 6.1%. Compared to January 2023, And compared to December 2023 – by up to 63.2%.

At the end of January 2024, there were 802.8 thousand square meters under construction. Apartments are 2.5 percent lower than they were in the same month in 2023. Data from the Central Bureau of Statistics also show that the number of apartments whose construction began in January increased by 66.4 percent. Compared to January of last year, and compared to December – by 9.3 percent.

Sergei Drushin, an analyst at the Polish Economic Institute, commented on this last February Construction activity is weak and similar results are expected in the coming months. This will be linked to the end of corporate investment cycles and the transition period between the budgetary perspectives of the European Cohesion Funds, he explained.

Drochin noted that construction and assembly production fell by 6.1% in January. On an annual basis, much worse than the consensus forecast, which was +8.1%. He pointed out that the construction of buildings (by 7.3%) and the construction of civil engineering facilities (by 10.5%) decreased significantly.

We also notice poor results in residential construction: The number of apartments used was 22.7 percent. He added less than a year ago. However, the number of permits issued and the number of construction operations in January increased by 34.1%. And 66.4 percent more from year to year, which – according to Druchin – is a response to increased demand for apartments. Citing NBP data, the analyst noted that the value of home loans sold in December was 383 percent higher than in December. Higher than it was a year ago.

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