Cocoa is becoming more and more expensive.  It is difficult to buy the famous chocolates in Germany

Sweets from brands such as Milka, Oreo and Tuc have recently disappeared from the shelves of the Rewe supermarket chain in Germany. “The reason is a price war between the supermarket chain and the American food group Mondelez. The manufacturer appears to have imposed a suspension of deliveries because Rewe does not accept its price demands,” we read. Both sides did not want to comment on the dispute.

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Record cocoa prices in the world. Desserts will be more expensive

We also recall the statement of the official spokesman for Ritter Sport two months ago, explaining the following:

The price of a kilogram of cocoa is almost three euros more expensive than a year ago. Everyone can check for themselves what this means for the production costs of a 100-gram chocolate bar, which contains 35 to 70 percent. cacao.

– Official spokesman for Ritter Sport – Quote from

Sweets are also more expensive in Poland

The American company Hershey and the food giant Nestlé did not rule out further increases in the prices of sweets. What is the reason for the rise in cocoa prices around the world?

The main reason for this situation remains the imbalance between demand and supply. Everything indicates that the current cocoa harvest season (which lasts from October to September) will be the third year in a row of deficits, when their quantity will not meet global demand – Alexandra Kos-Fel Sobchuk, Head of Corporate Communications and ESG at Lotte Wedel, said.

This producer is also feeling the effects of rising cocoa prices. Achieving a balance between the level of supply and demand for raw materials, while maintaining the high quality of producers’ product offering, will require increasing prices, which will likely lead to a decrease in demand. “It is difficult to predict its size now because we do not know how cocoa prices will develop and how long we will have to deal with their unstable nature,” added Kosz Phil Sobchuk.

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