Zazie Beetz will discover that Elizabeth Debicki is an alien
Zazie Beetz (Joker) and Elizabeth Debicki (The Crown) will star in This Blue Is Mine, which is described as an “original psychosexual sci-fi drama.” The camera will be directed by Brazilian director Iuli Gerbas, director of the film “The Pink Cloud.” This will be her first appearance in English.

What will the theme of “This Blue Is Mine” be?

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“This Blue Is Mine” takes place during a family vacation at a tropical resort. Artur, a sassy man of pleasure, surprises everyone by taking in his mysterious new girlfriend, Ivy (Debicki). Her presence and strange behavior upset the fragile balance in Arthur’s relationship with his daughters. Meanwhile, Connie (Betz) is trying to recover from the trauma of her miscarriage. One evening, when Connie was very drunk, Ivy revealed to her that she was actually an alien who had visited Earth. Ivy begins tempting Connie with the prospect of traveling to her planet. The invitation becomes more attractive as the family drama thickens. But is Ivy really an alien? Or is Connie having a nervous breakdown?

Beatz is also a producer on the film. Filming is scheduled for August and September in Colombia.

Ioli is an exciting young talent. She has created a uniquely familiar original story, combining a tropical resort setting, a possible alien, and a family trying to connect.commented producer Gabrielle Stewart of HanWay. Elizabeth Debicki was born to play an ethereal and beautiful creature from another planet. She and Zazie would be adorable in these roles.

“The Pink Cloud” – trailer

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