June 4, 2023


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Head of NBP: We have a Polish economic miracle

– We have a Polish economic miracle, I dare to use this term, unlike this crazy and doomsday propaganda that is spread in some media, but this is not media with the Polish capital, – said the head of the Polish National Bank.

– The fact that we have a Polish economic miracle is, among other things, because we have the Polish currency. First of all, thanks to the work of well-educated employees, but also thanks to the Polish currency, which, he said, is developing well on the market.

According to the head of the National Bank of Poland, the zloty is one of the few currencies in the world that enjoys a free market. “Unlike the Czech currency, which is often not recognized by observers,” he said. Adam Glabinski. He assessed that the CZK exchange rate depends on the continuous intervention of the central bank

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