There will be another day off from work.  Already in January - check and rank your best annual working time

On the first day of Christmas, which falls on a Saturday this year, December workers were given fewer working days – for Saturday, an additional day off is scheduled. The calendar for 2022 is more appropriate in this respect; There will be another holiday, and the opportunity to use it will be in January. How about long weekends next year?

In December, full-time hours are 22 days, or 176 hours. The employee is then entitled to an additional day off for collection on Christmas, which falls on a Saturday. Using it right after Christmas or before New Year’s Eve will extend the rest.

Another day off in 2022. How many Poles will work next year?

In 2022, the first such event will be on January 3 or 7. Next year, we’ll have a total of four long weekends, and the number of experts from inFakt.

The number of working days is regulated by labor law. It depends, inter alia, on the number of holidays that do not fall on a Sunday.
There will be nine such cases in 2022:

  • • January 1, 2022 – New Year’s Day – Saturday
  • • January 6, 2022 – Epiphany – Thursday
  • • April 18, 2022 – the second day of Easter – Monday
  • • May 3 2022 – National Day 3 May – Tuesday
  • • June 16, 2022 – Corpus Christi Day – Thursday
  • • August 15, 2022 – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Monday
  • • November 1, 2022 – All Saints – Tuesday
  • • November 11, 2022 – National Independence Day – Friday
  • • December 26, 2022 – the second day of Christmas – Monday.

Thus, the number of working days next year will reach 251 days, which is one less than this year. Already on January 3 or 7 there will be an opportunity to extend the weekend, because the New Year falls on Saturday. In this case, the employer is obliged to give another day off to employees who work from Monday to Friday (Article 130 Paragraph 2 of the Labor Code). It must be used in the same billing period, i.e. in most cases in the same month.

New 500 Plus. Do you want to receive family allowances in 2022?

Next year work time A full-time job will total 2008 hours. March will be our busiest month – 23 working days or 184 hours. In contrast, most days off (12) will be in January. The difference from March will be up to 32 hours.

For part-time employees, the number of working hours is calculated in proportion to the scope of work in the contract. – For example, if someone works part-time, the minimum working time in February 2022 will be 80 hours, which is half of 160 hours. Similarly, in the case of ¾ time in the same month, it will be 120 hours – comments Mateusz Bogoszewski, chief accountant at inFakt.

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