Milk problem.  Industry appeals to the government

Warehouses may run out of milk – the Polish Milk Manufacturers Association alerts. The cause of such a situation may be problems with the supply of electricity and gas. The organization is appealing to the government for an urgent response.

The Association of Polish Milk Manufacturers is concerned Possibility of imposing restrictions on gas and electricity supplies in the coming months for your organizations.

Dairy companies receive letters from energy and gas suppliers accordingly It is planned to present plans to reduce the consumption of these facilities (gas and electricity – editorial note) to levels that do not allow the maintenance of production, storage and even the operation of sewage treatment plants on site– We read in ZPPM message.

The union argues that, however, the specifics of the industry were not taken into account. Milk is a product that cannot wait a few days to be processed.

“Reducing energy and gas supplies will disrupt production operations, which will result in Lack of products in the market And huge financial losses for the stations.”

According to the organization, not only milk handlers, but also themselves, may suffer huge losses farmersfrom which raw materials will not be collected. “There will be a problem: What do we do with that amount of unused milk, and how do we get rid of it? The environmental consequences of this can be dire– claims the guild.

The situation described by the Albanians may have already occurred in the case of 2-3 days of restrictions on energy and gas supply.

This was reported to the Polish Milk Manufacturers Association Proposed changes to government decrees on this matter.

“Amendment of these rules (defined in Cabinet Decrees – Editorial Note) would help in a crisis situation to maintain production at a level that ensures food security for the country and ensures animal welfare. Our proposal took into account both potential possibilities. A change in the energy situation in the country, as well as the real needs of processing plants ”- wrote the dairy farmers, adding that the Cabinet has not yet responded to their call.

Reducing the demand for gas. The regulation appeared in the European Union Law Review

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