POLITICO: Joe Biden believes Benjamin Netanyahu’s days are numbered

Benjamin Netanyahu is Israel’s longest-serving prime minister. However, US President Joe Biden and his advisors believe that the Israeli Prime Minister’s days are numbered, according to Politico in its issue issued on Thursday. Biden reportedly suggested to Netanyahu in one of their conversations that he think about “what advice to give his successor.”

According to Politico, the possibility of the imminent end of the Israeli Prime Minister’s political career was discussed by Joe Biden and his advisors during discussions at the White House. The US President also allegedly conveyed this assessment to Benjamin Netanyahu in one of the phone conversations after his recent visit to Israel. He was then supposed to suggest to his interlocutor that he think about the advice he would give to his successor.

Departure after the first stage of surgery

Former and current administration officials told Politico that the prevailing view in the White House is that Netanyahu — who is blamed for allowing the October 7 Hamas attack and faces international criticism for the brutality of Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip — will not last more than a few months. in the office . He will leave when the first phase of military operations ends.

– There must be accountability for what happened in Israeli society. The unnamed official said that responsibility ultimately falls on the Prime Minister’s Office.

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Benjamin NetanyahuEnvironmental Protection Agency / Abeer Sultan

Hidden suggestion

According to Politico newspaper, during his visit to Israel in October, Biden warned Netanyahu against escalating the conflict, with the aim of expanding the war to neighboring countries. He advised him to focus on a two-state solution to the conflict with the Palestinians and to be cautious about steps that go beyond “beheading” Hamas, including any occupation of the Gaza Strip.

At one point during the trip, Biden also advised Netanyahu to consider the scenario he would leave to his successor – a subtle suggestion that the Israeli prime minister may not be in power for the duration of what is likely to be a protracted conflict (Israel and Hamas – ed.) – writes Politico.

The spokeswoman denies this

US National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson denied that Netanyahu’s political future was a topic of discussion in the White House, adding that the administration was focusing on the current crisis.

But Politico noted that Netanyahu’s uncertain status in power is always “in the background” during the Biden administration’s internal talks on the Middle East, and representatives of the US administration discuss war activities with a wide range of politicians in Israel, including the opposition.

Hamas attack on Israel Bab / Reuters – Maciej Zielinski

Main image source: Environmental Protection Agency / Abeer Sultan

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