January 27, 2023


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Russia's attack on Ukraine.  Live coverage on April 24

Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Live coverage on April 24

“Perhaps it is convenient to close your eyes and pretend that nothing is happening. Isolate yourself from information in a comfortable bubble. Especially when Russian money has been warming your pocket for so long. I think some politicians should think about whether their grandchildren will have to apologize to them.” – Presidential advisor Volodymyr Zelensky Mikhailo Podolak wrote on Twitter.

“Former Mayor of Dusseldorf, Thomas Geisel questions Russian war crimes and asks if the news from Ukraine can be trusted. I think Mr. Geisel can come and ask questions to a man who lost his family in Odessa, the parents of a girl who was raped from Boksa or refugees from Mariupol “.

Thomas Geisel, Social-Democratic Mayor of Dusseldorf in 2014-2020, published an article on his blog a few days ago, in which he wrote, among other things: “According to Ukrainian sources, 410 civilians died in the Buczau crimes. Of course, every civilian casualty of war is a tragedy, And one for one. But isn’t the Ukrainian rhetoric of genocide ultimately downplaying the war crimes of Srebrenica, My Lai and Babim Yar, to name a few, and perhaps also the Dresden night bombing in which 30,000 people were supposed to die?

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