Norway on disturbing movements in the Baltic Sea.  "Russian spy ships" near the gas fields |  world News

as they say Norwegian Nearby media belonging to Norway Oil and gas fields located in the Baltic Sea, unofficially appear Russian “scientific” ships to conduct espionage activities. journalists newspapers “Aftenposten” claims that nine such units of Russia.

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Norway. Russian “science” ships have been approaching oil and gas fields in the Baltic Sea since June

Turn, TV NRKOn October 5, Norway’s public broadcaster said that the Russian ship “Boris Petrov” passed through the Giwa field in the North Sea. As noted, this unit had more antennas than ordinary ships. – She has equipment that proves she is adapted to activities other than science. It’s registered as a research unit, but operates as a spy ship, Stale Ulriksen, a lecturer at the Norwegian Naval Academy, told NRK. These units may, inter alia, move submarines and place them on the bottom so that they can be used for eavesdropping or sabotage.

Map of the route of the Russian ship “Boris Petrov” Photo: google

Petrov’s activity coincided with the events of the Baltic Sea. – In the same month, the temporary “maintenance” of the Nord Stream pipeline began RussiaThe pause took longer and longer. Experts believe that this is an untrustworthy “coincidence” in the context of the subsequent bombings that had to be organized, adds Inna Holst Pedersen Kvam, researcher in the Naval Forces and Command Department at the Norwegian Naval Academy.

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In June and September near Bornholm, and then also around the Norwegian oil and gas fields, the ship “Akademik Triusznikov” was also seen. This unit was later named in the port of Kaliningrad.

from magazine reportsDagbladetIt appears, however, that the Norwegian authorities have agreed Russia Approval of a research expedition on the Norwegian continental shelf. However, the permit was granted to the ship “Akademik Sergey Wwiłow” and will remain valid until October 22.

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