During the presidency, Donald Trump hid the truth about his finances

  • The US government agency just released documents showing that Trump was hiding huge losses to his business
  • He had to borrow to save a rundown hotel. But he has been silent for years about loans totaling more than $20 million. – American media reported
  • Republican politicians often met in the hotel of the former President of the United States
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Donald TrumpWhen he was president, he was required to count the accumulated money. From his reports it appears that trump Publicly disclose income only The hotel he runs. In total, it amounted to approximately $156.6 million.

Now it turns out that The hotel performed poorly in the market. Reports from the government agency’s General Services Administration show that it has caused huge losses. To the extent that Trump had to save himself by taking the initiative credits.

Reports by American journalists show it Trump hid more than $20 million. in loanswhich his holding company gave him to the hotel. The former president must disclose this information in advance when submitting the financial statements. According to the American media, this information was not hidden Another attempt to hide the true state of the former president’s finances.

Trump withdrew from the list of the richest Americans

Trump has been on the list of the 400 richest Americans continuously since 1996 (ranked 368 at the time). In the years 1997-2016 she was in the top half. The decline began in 2016, when Trump was elected President of the United States. In 2015, Forbes estimated his fortune at $4.5 billion.

While in the office at the White House Trump has repeatedly insisted that the presidency costs him billions of dollars. On the other hand, critics accused him of using the office for profit. Reports just released prove it Trump hid his financial problems.

Źródło: “Guardian”, PAP

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