The Czech Republic replaces Russian military equipment.  More helicopters have already arrived from the United States

The Czech Republic has taken delivery of two more helicopters purchased from the United States. In the armament of the Czech army, they will replace Russian-made equipment. It is likely that the towed Mi-24 machines will go to Ukraine.

UH-1Y Venom and AH-1Z Viper helicopters have arrived at the air base in Moravia, joining two Vipers delivered by the Americans in July. Ultimately, the Czech Army will have 12 combat and multi-role helicopters purchased for more than $600 million. In addition, you will get eight old machines for free, which will be upgraded with funding from the United States.

Defense Minister Jana Černochová suggested that the towed Mi-24 helicopters could be transferred to Ukraine. “Of course, we will find a use for them. I will say this only because, as you know, I generally do not comment on deliveries to Ukraine, ”said the head of the Ministry of Defense.

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The Czech minister reported that talks with the United States on the purchase of the F-35 multi-role aircraft are being completed. The Czech Republic wants to buy 24 such machines. Yana Sernyushova will inform the government about the results of the negotiations in the coming weeks.

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