Bakhmut, Ukraine.  British: The main road is in danger, and the Russians are gaining momentum

On Friday, a spokesman for the Ukrainian army said that the situation in Bakhmut is difficult, but we are holding our positions. As confirmed in the British Ministry of Defense’s daily intelligence update, the Russians have regained some momentum in the battle for this city. This may be due to the improvement of cooperation at the local level between the Wagner Group and the regular Russian forces.

Serhiy Shrivaty, spokesman for the Eastern Group of Forces of the Ukrainian army, said on Friday that the Russians are concentrating their forces to capture Pakhmut. He admitted that the situation was “difficult”, but emphasized that the Ukrainians still held their position despite the enemy’s numerical superiority. He added that the Russians were “paying the price” for the attacks.

As reported in the daily intelligence update, in Bakhmut, where the activities of the Russian forces have largely ceased since the end of March, Russia has made further gains and has now probably entered the city center and occupied the western bank of the West Bank. Bakhmutka River. The main supply route to Ukraine 0506 west of the city is likely to be seriously threatened.

It added that Russian regular forces, possibly including airborne forces, had reinforced the area, and that Russia was once again using artillery more effectively in this sector. There is also a realistic possibility that, on a local level, the leaders of the Wagner Group and the Russian regular forces have broken the ongoing hostility and improved cooperation.

Main image source: PAP/EPA/Maria Sinophila

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