Italy: A mud tsunami swept through the city.  Panic in the streets

A huge wave of mud washed over the Italian city of Bardonecchia, which is located near the border with France. Rescue services are working immediately, and local authorities are assessing the extent of the damage.

According to the preliminary analyzes of the experts, the mud wave that caused the disaster appeared Heavy rains hit the Piedmont region for several days.

As a result of the accumulation of water in the mountain rivers, huge amounts of mud flowed towards the city. The extent of the wave’s destructiveness is evidenced by the materials published by the press services of the police and the population.

Six people are trapped in the camper

At first, the local authorities stated that it was due to a mudslide One person was injured, but there were no fatalities. At the same time, it was reported Search for six peopleHe was supposed to be in a motor home that slid down the river.

A few hours later, Sky TG24 quoted emergency services, Report the release of the vehicle’s occupants.

– I just spoke with Alberto Serio, President of Piedmont. All of the missing persons in Bardonecchia have been found after the land was cleared. Thanks to the Civil Protection Department and the firefighters for the rescue operation. The government will support all efforts against damage caused by mud and debris – said Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani.

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According to the latest information from the Italian media, About 120 people have been evacuated from their homes They stayed in hotels and a Red Cross camp was organized in the gym.

Getting to the city is very difficult. Many bridges are still impassable. And the devices tried to create temporary “paths” for the passage of emergency vehicles.

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