Nintendo Switch 2 – Do we know the release date?  Nintendo is preparing for this event

Nintendo engineers are supposed to have finished work on preparing the platform and system for the Nintendo Switch 2, so the Japanese company needs appropriate specialists who will promote the device properly.

Nintendo is looking for a Retail Marketing and Strategy intern to be ready to work next year. Those interested have until December 1 to submit their CVs, and then a new employee will be selected for the company at the beginning of next year.

However, the situation is interesting, because the job advertisement contains an important detail – the employed person can count on a very hot vacation because In the period from June to August, Nintendo will conduct a major marketing campaign, during which the employee will have the opportunity to contact industry leaders from all over the company, and at the same time, his professional experience will be significantly enriched through cooperation with experienced company representatives.

It is clear that the company is preparing for a big event, which will probably be the premiere of the new equipment – perhaps it will not be in June, because the company will start building a promotional campaign at that time, but The Nintendo Switch 2 will apparently debut in the second half of 2024.

It should be noted that the VGC editorial team has already mentioned the console’s premiere in this period.

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