UFO during a trip to Poland.  It was recorded by a flight attendant

Denisa Tanas was working a Wizz Air flight from Luton, north of London, to Olsztyn-Mazury Airport in Szymany, Poland. Outside the window, she saw an amazing sight – pink circles appeared in the sky. The 36-year-old recorded a video on her phone and filmed the event. – I worked as a stewardess for a year and I have never seen anything like this before, Denisa said in an interview with Metro.uk.

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I thought the body was a reflection of the uniform. “You can see it flying”

Denisa showed her video to the pilot to see if he noticed the object, and explained: “Everyone was disoriented, they could not see anything during the flight and there was no turbulence.” The object in the recording looked like a flashing pink circle. – At first we thought it was a reflection of our pink costume, but in the recording you can see the movement, you can see it flying – she explained.

Denisa was neither afraid nor nervous. According to her, the video is evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life. -My family and friends definitely think they are aliens. She added: “My husband said you are my wife, and I believe you.”

Source: Metro.co.uk

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