How do you get rid of the bad smell from the toilet?

Clean toilet Not only does this reflect well on the apartment owner, but it also has a significant impact on the health of the people who use it. As you know – The toilet seat is one of the places where the most dangerous types of bacteria accumulate. Therefore, no one should be convinced of the need to keep the toilet properly clean.

There are many available on the market Preparations for cleaning toilets. Some of them are in their composition Substances that fight accumulated bacteria. However, sometimes it happens that despite using these cleaners, sewage comes out of the toilet Very smelly.

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One of the British influencers who posts her advice videos on the Tiktok platform, How to keep your home cleanShe shared her patent for scented toilets with netizens.

Dona MendozaBecause this is what we're talking about, Freshen your toilet with a laundry detergent capsule. woman Dissolve the capsule in a bowl of warm water And the prepared mixture Pour into the toilet brush holder.

Tiktoker believes that such an action helps to: Keep the bathroom smelling goodEvery time he cleans his toilet.

Good to know: You can get rid of dirty grout without scrubbing. You can make an effective cleaning product at home

Another way to get a nice-smelling toilet is: Make tablets from a few readily available ingredients. How do I do it? Pour into the bowl in equal proportions Baking soda and citric acid.

Then pour a small amount of water into the same bowl The acid and baking soda form a paste. We add a small amount Dish soap and a few drops of essential oil. Mix everything well and We form small discs. Set aside in a cool place overnight. The board was prepared in this way Flush it into the toilet until it dissolves completely. ready!

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