A new quality in Polish cinema.  There has never been a movie like this before

“Superstition” It is a new type of superhero film in Polish cinema. An action-packed, special-effects-packed sci-fi story about the courage, determination, and superpowers we each have within us.

Alaa the teenager (Katarzyna Galuszka) does not fit into the world of the provinces around her. He is still rebellious and works against his father (Grzegorz Damici), a physics teacher at the local school. When Alaa discovers by chance that she has supernatural powers and meets her sister Lina (Karolina Proshnica), which she never knew existed, has her life turned upside down – literally.

Colonel (Marek Kalita) and his dangerous comrade Hector (Mateusz Kosiukevich) follow the trail of girls with supernatural powers from the secret department 92. The goal of the soldiers is to create a powerful weapon of the new generation. To get it, they are willing to sacrifice a lot, even the lives of their sisters. After years of separation, will Alaa and Lina be able to join forces and cooperate? Will the Super Sisters set out to save not only each other, but the world?

The Planet of the Apes saga, based on the novel by Pierre Boulle, has been one of the highest-grossing Hollywood franchises in cinema history since its revival in 2011, bringing producers profits of more than $1.5 billion. Therefore, it is not surprising that seven years after the premiere of the previous part, the producers decided to return to the topic and open a new chapter of this story.

“Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” Its events take place three hundred years after the events we witnessed “War for the Planet of the Apes” From 2017. The world no longer belongs to the people. Now they are just prey hunted by monkeys. The power belongs to the evil King Proximus, who only cares about unlimited power. One of Caesar’s descendants, known from the previous parts, is trying to change everything. The key to this is a little girl.

The film’s director is Wes PaulWhich has already produced one film series – “The Maze Runner”. They played the main roles in the new production Freya Allan, Owen Teague I Kevin Durand.

“old oak” It is the last film in the career of the distinguished British director Enter Lucha (“The Wind That Shakes the Barley”, “I, Daniel Blake”).

For the local community in a small town in the north of England, The Old Oak pub is a special place. The only place where people can still meet and discuss current affairs, but it is also a symbol of the brutal changes that have affected the region due to the deep economic recession. Everything began to change in the mid-1980s, when the city, which was thriving thanks to the mining industry, began to gradually sink into crisis due to the strike. Young people, unable to find their place, began to leave in search of better prospects, and those who remained sank into stagnation. The growing frustration and distrust towards everything foreign finds an outlet when a bus carrying Syrian refugees arrives in the city. The situation is becoming more tense, and residents do not like the fact that visitors can count on more support than they do. The unusual friendship that develops between a bar owner and a young Syrian woman may be an opportunity for understanding.

Danish production “Nick” It tells the story of Pierre and his friends who have just started eighth grade. One day, Pierre ostentatiously drops out of school and decides to “live” in a tree, declaring that life has no meaning and is meaningless. His friends decide to convince Pierre otherwise and restore his joy of life. They begin to collect the most valuable things they have and create a so-called “pile of meanings” that will show your friend that he is wrong. The idea soon turns into a trap. Because maybe “nothing matters” and “from the moment you are born you start dying anyway” – as Pierre says.

drama “Adam’s door” It tells the story of the titular couple in love living in a small village in northern Senegal. Banil tries at all costs to move with his lover to his home, start a new life together and gain freedom. Adama, according to local custom, would become the village chief. He is connected to the traditions of his ancestors and feels a responsibility towards the local community. Problems caused by dehydration mean that the couple spend less and less time together, and Pannell feels more and more lonely and unhappy. When the next population dies, Adama decides to fulfill his destiny and become a leader, something Banil will be unable to accept. film Ramati Tulay C It delights in its picturesque, desert and sometimes dreamy landscapes, and also reveals a reality in which attachment to tradition triumphs over individual choices or dreams.

Maggie – the main character of the Australian cartoon “Escape from the animal world” – It’s a brave wombat who disguises himself as a superhero, scouring the city in search of villains and their evil deeds. He’s had a lot of work lately – but not because of criminals, of which there are record numbers, but because of the small favors the townsfolk are asking for. He spends his days helping clean drains or filing tax returns, rather than saving the world. However, the day comes when her true power will be needed again! An evil technological genius plans to trap all of the city’s residents in what he deems a “perfect” computer simulation and isolate them from real life. Maggie and her friend Buff can’t let this happen and go on a mission to free the residents. There is no virtual reality that can compare to the beauty and goodness of the real world!

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