Find out about the Amazon Prime Gaming offer for the month of June. As part of the subscription, players will be able to get six full editions of the games for free.

Amazon Prime Gaming Offer for June Already revealed. Next month, subscribers to the service will be able to assign up to six full versions of games to their account. Among them, as usual, there are a few more famous surnames.

This month, Amazon Prime Gaming’s most talked about game is one that’s now years back. It is located around Far Cry 4 From 2014. Just because it’s the most popular game, doesn’t mean it’s the best you can get from this month’s Amazon Prime Gaming subscription.

Amazon Prime Gaming – List of games for the month of June

  • Far Cry 4 game,
  • escape from monkey island,
  • calico,
  • Astrologer ,
  • through the grooves,
  • WRC 8.

As you can see, Amazon has prepared a good show for indie game lovers. This month, they’ll have up to three titles that they can add to their collection without paying. In total, all standard price addresses are worth 370 PLN.

There was also something for fans of the classics, namely the fourth installment of the Monkey Island series. Free game pack closes WRC 8a game about off-road racing, which, however, is not very popular among players, which can be checked on sites such as Metacritic.

However, games are not everything. As usual, Amazon has also prepared bundles for popular multiplayer games. As part of the Amazon Prime Gaming promotion in June, players will receive items for titles such as FIFA22, Roblox, Black Desert Mobile, Apex Legends, Hearthstone, Pokemon GOfall men if PUBG: Battlegrunds.

How do you like the Amazon Prime Gaming show in June? Seeing something for yourself, Amazon didn’t manage to win your sympathy this month?

Karol Kotofsky, journalist on polygamy

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