“Foolish”.  Volleyball players reaction.  The expert says it directly: This is what happened in Vietnam
  • The Polish national team captain said that in Italy, unlike her country, she does not have to prove anything to people. Later she sang Doda song with other friends. The lyrics of this song were meaningful
  • Volleyball players led by Nikola Grbic defeated Bulgaria and won their 19th match in a row. After the match, they commented on an article about themselves on social media
  • As a rule, negative emotions interfere with accurate performance. But there is one exception – the sports psychologist explains to us. With this exception we may be dealing with our national volleyball teams. That’s why their focus on the enemy allows them to win
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-I have faced a lot of criticism over the past two months. I didn’t think anyone could be roasted like they did to me. In fact, I didn’t have enough time to get on the field and the hatred was already starting to show. I want to say that I can handle it because I know my worth and I know that I don’t deserve such criticism. I can handle it. On Tuesday my dog ​​and I are going to Italy and I’m going back to a place where I don’t have to prove anything to anyone – said Joanna Volosz, captain of the Polish volleyball team, after the victory over the Italians (3:1), which allowed the Poles to advance to the Olympic Games in Paris.

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Doda song

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