Google Pixel 8 reveals a new design.  No more corners

What could make the Google Pixel 8 sell better than its predecessor? Maybe not Tensor G3. The new design can do that. Today we can take a closer look at it.

The last Google phone I wanted to buy was the Google Pixel 5. However, later models let me down a bit. The new leak is making me love them more and more Google Pixel 8 And Google Pixel 8 Pro. Just a small design change. And immediately everything improved.

Google Pixel 8 (Pro) will offer an updated flagship design

There are good phones in the angular form. I like this Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra a lot. Even more than its predecessor. The last two generations of Pixel, and despite the cool back panel, in my opinion, it didn’t quite suit me. Google Pixel 8 brings changes that you can really like.

Let’s be honest – Google deviates from its idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe interface and makes it similar to the latest Apple models. I emphasize – the front one, because the side edges will be visibly rounded. I don’t know if that was intended, but we’ve heard the same thing about the iPhone 15. Will the Pixel 8 ever be called the “Android iPhone” again?

Appearances are one thing, but there’s another thing that worries me. Previous reports about the Google Pixel 8 indicate that it will run on the Tensor G3 processor. Wow, what a surprise, right? The problem is that the Tensor G3 itself must be based on the Exynos model not shown. If it’s really that good, Samsung will use it in the S23. Everyone can draw their own conclusions. Mine is more apprehensive than enthusiastic.

Would you like to know more leaks about the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro smartphones? Check out our summary of leaks about these flagships. There you will find everything that has hit the web so far.

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