NASA: Saturn’s rings will only be visible for twelve months or more

You will only be able to enjoy Saturn’s rings for 18 months. NASA astronomers report that the planet’s orbit is tilted in such a way that the bands surrounding it will soon no longer be visible to us. However, a new perspective will reveal other things.

NASA confirmed that night sky lovers only have until 2025 to view Saturn’s distinctive rings. The planet will tilt its edge toward Earth, which will make it visible from our perspective Almost invisible line.

Saturn’s rings are huge structures. Made of ice and rock particles. In some places, it extends to a distance of 70,000 to 140,000 km. Because of the inclination of its orbit, Saturn is continuous throughout its orbital cycle It swings slightly toward and away from the sun.

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This means that for a short period every 13.7 to 15.7 years, the planet can be seen completely sideways from Earth. Therefore, at a distance of 746 million miles (1.2 billion km) From our perspective the rings seem to disappear.

A new perspective will emerge

Currently, Saturn’s rings are tilted towards Earth At an angle of 9 degreesBy 2024 this angle will decrease to only 3.7 degrees.

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This rare astronomical event happened last time In September 2009This has never happened before Since February 1996. Astronomers will not have the opportunity to see Saturn from this unique perspective again until October 2038.

Although Saturn’s rings won’t be visible, astronomers say it will be a great time to observe some of them The number of moons on the planet is 156.

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