PlayStation portal without secrets.  Unboxing shows the latest PS5 hardware

The first editors have already acquired the PlayStation portal, thanks to which we can follow materials presenting all the elements of the collection. A PS5 compatible device could be an interesting option for many gamers.

A large part of the PlayStation community wants a complete portable console, and at the same time the Japanese have decided to prepare equipment that works with PlayStation 5 thanks to the Remote Play feature. The device doesn’t offer standalone gameplay, so we still need a PS5.

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Early developers have already gained access to the PlayStation Portal, which allows us to take a look at every part of the device. Journalists can’t publish gameplay material yet, but thanks to Hobby Consolas’ footage, we can see the device in all its glory.

The PlayStation Portal looks like a DualSense split into two parts, with an 8-inch display inside. It is not yet known whether the model will be very comfortable to use, but it is undoubtedly worth noting that the editor mentions the significant weight of the device.

Below the screen (in the white part) there is a charging port and a headphone port, while at the top there are buttons to adjust and turn on the sound and connect PlayStation Portal with the PlayStation 5.

The proposal is integrated with the DualSense and Steam Deck – a really large PlayStation portal, which is undoubtedly influenced by the size of the screen.

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