Skoda Fabia Rally2 – nowa generacja utytułowanej rajdówki

The new Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 has been launched, which will complete the rich history of the Czech brand’s rally victories. Find out more about the new rally car from Mladá Boleslav.

Yesterday the world premiere of the Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 was held, and soon we will be able to see it in the rally stages. The new model is based on the MQB-A0 platform and, according to the designers, will not only be faster than its predecessor, but also offer a higher level of safety and better aerodynamic characteristics.

“Anyone standing still moves backwards, and this is especially true in motorsport. Therefore, when developing the new Skoda Fabia RS Rally2, we used the experience gained with the previous model and improved every detail. The goal was to improve the most successful rally cars in the world. I am proud. To the entire Skoda Motorsport team, which strives to achieve this goal with great commitment. I would also like to thank our colleagues in the road car development department. The fourth generation of the Skoda Fabia has provided us with an ideal basis for the development of a new rally model “ – says director Michel Hrapanek, president of Skoda Motorsport.

The fourth generation of the Skoda Fabia was used as the basis for the creation of the rally car presented yesterday. According to its name, the new car will compete in the Rally2 category and everyone hopes it will be equal to the previous model it has Over 1,700 victories and 12 world championships in the drivers’ category and in the team classification. Grandmother from Mladá Boleslav has a number of arguments for this – including. New motor, improved motor, improved handling and greater safety.

Skoda Fabia RS Rally 2

Fabia RS Rally2 hits Skoda hood Modified 2.0 TSI Module EA888 سلسلة Series, known from the serial models of the Czech brand. In the rally version, this is a turbocharged bike 1.6 liter capacityThanks to several modifications, including an improved cooling system and a 32 mm diameter limiter in the intake system required by FIA regulations, it generates 289 hp and 430 Nm. The motor was connected to 5-speed sequential gearboxThe drive is moved on all wheels by two bands.

The fourth generation of the Fabia has grown over its predecessor, which also clearly benefits its Rally version. Larger dimensions and wheelbase ensure Better weight distribution, which has a positive effect on the driving characteristics of the Czech rally car. Not without importance is also the increased rigidity of the body, which additionally contributes to increasing the level of driver and pilot safety.

Skoda Fabia RS Rally 2

The overall safety cage is made of high-strength chromium-molybdenum steel tubes with a total length of 35.8 meters. It not only meets all the requirements set by the FIA, but also has additional reinforcements, which, together with the side covers made of carbon fiber and energy-absorbing foam, provide greater protection for the driver and passenger in the event of an accident.

The Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 is also equipped with More than twice the volume of the fuel tank, ready to contain exactly 82.5 liters of fully sustainable private gasoline, the production of which is based on modern raw materials, using renewable energy sources. The tank itself is made of carbon-Kevlar composite and received a foam gasket to prevent fuel leakage.

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