Katarzyna Skrzynica and Piotr Jasowski indulged in crude jokes.  Janusz Schapor intervened

Katarzyna Skrzynica I Piotr Jasowski They’ve been friends for years. Gąsowski mentioned it in “Gala” before The then president of the Theater Academy met them more than 30 years ago, Jan Englert. The actors will soon appear on television. Both will participate in a new cabaret project for Zoom TV. However, they are currently playing in a comedy show with which they travel around Poland. The couple had a lot of fun during their recent trip.

Katarzyna Skrzenica, whom her friends call “Skrzynka”, is a person with an unusual sense of humour.

“I swear – I say this with full responsibility, I am a collector of jokes, anecdotes, jokes – I don’t know another woman who knows so many jokes and tells them in such a wonderful way,” Piotr Jasowski said. friend.

As they both love to laugh and enjoy the same jokes Skrzynka and Gąs cooperate with each other willingly. Currently, they appear together on the travel show “Farewell Evening,” and the cast includes a famous actor. Janusz Schapor. It was he who had to intervene during the last away performance.

The three were heading to Jasionka near Rzeszów. It was in this small town that the above-mentioned show was to be given. They were clearly in a good mood, which fans can see in the recording posted online.

In the aforementioned video Shabir reports what is happening in the back of the car. Gąsowski and Skrzynecka sit in the back seats of the car and talk about what they just had for dinner at a roadside inn. They only list dishes that are difficult to digest, including bigos, pea soup, bean soup, and cabbage soup. Shabior interjects, saying that he didn’t eat anything himself, he was just accompanying the other two. Skrzynecka then mentions a change in plans for the evening.

“We were supposed to play ‘Farewell Evening’, but we decided on a different title – He enjoys good company“- says the amused actress.

At these words The goose burst out laughing. Skrzenica’s other friend wasn’t so amused; Although perhaps they are just appearances. Shabior commented on his friends’ behavior with a serious face:

“Listen, keep some basic civility and moderation, okay?” – to cut.

Does this sense of humor suit all observers of the actor couple? Some might have felt a little embarrassed. However, fans of Gąs and Skrzynka know their “antics” and know what to expect from these two.

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