February 4, 2023


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Hone a homeless man for free. Some said she now looks like The Dark Knight star

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The user-shared video enabling widgets has been viewed nearly 300,000 times. The homeless man who cut him off didn’t just undergo a massive transformation. Commentators believe the man looks like a famous actor’s doppelgänger.

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Similar to Roxana Wogel in “The Voice Kids”

Joshua Santiago has been helping the homeless for years. His channel has more than 300,000 followers

Joshua Santiago, owner of Shortcuts Profile, has been helping the homeless for nearly two years. The man is a hairdresser by profession and uses his skills to take care of him Poetry And the beard of the needy. Moreover, he often shows their stories in the videos. He also encourages others to help and tries to spread social awareness regarding the problem of homelessness.

TikToker Collecting $70,000, he used it to buy a carriage. He converts the car into a mobile hair salon so he can reach more people. This is how he got to a man who looks like one of the most famous actors of the 21st century age.

The homeless man’s transformation wasn’t the biggest surprise. Viewers view him as the star’s doppelgänger

In the description of the video, Joshua noted, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you have no idea about, always be on hand.” The video shows a young man with a neglected face Hairstyle and Ford. barber The homeless man gave a real makeover, which followers commented on:

A completely different person

What beautiful eyes!

He looks so handsome, you’ve obviously rejuvenated him

Something completely different caught the attention of one of the viewers, namely, that the man looked like him pee walker. Another user of the site said he saw Christian Bale in it.

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