April 1, 2023


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The best survival movies.  Top 10 survival movies worth watching

The best survival movies. Top 10 survival movies worth watching

Have you ever thought: “What a movie. Surviving to the credits would be a miracle”? We assure you that this time will not be the case. In order to give you cinematic vibes, we have compiled a list of the best survival movies for you. Many of them are realistic stories whose heroes have to survive when facing the elements or wild animals. ready?

Best Survival Movies – Which Survival Movies Should You Watch?

The heroes of the survival movie are having a hard time. They have to abide by the rules of the post-apocalyptic world (the “Road”). Survival in unfavorable conditions (“among the mountains”, “gravity”) is one thing, but sometimes you also have to face ruthless criminals (“wild river”), a wild animal (“183 meters of fear”), and even extraterrestrials (“predator”, “quiet place”) or bloodthirsty zombies (“night of the living dead”). The life of the heroes, so far carefree and orderly, begins to depend on survival instinct and cunning.

Do you like survival movies? Which of our pick survival movies do you think is the best? What survival movies should you watch? Or maybe you think our list should include completely different titles? We are waiting for your comments.

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