'Godzilla vs. Kong': What will the sequel tell us?
The sequel to “Godzilla vs. Kong” is currently being filmed in Australia. The film, directed by Adam Wingard, has been shrouded in mystery so far. However, a brief outline of the scheme was included in an official press release issued by the local government recently.

“Godzilla vs. Kong”: sequel details

It seems that the sequel will focus mainly on the character of Congo. Communicate it reads In the fifth movie in the Monsterverse series, Kong will defend Earth from the unusual and dangerous creatures that threaten his new home.

The untitled “Godzilla vs. Kong” sequel will hit theaters March 15, 2024. On the screen, apart from monsters, we’ll also see Dan Stevens, who has already had the opportunity to work with Adam Wingard in the “Guest” thriller from 2014.

Godzilla and Kong to save movie theaters

In the first part of “Godzilla vs Kong”, Kong and his defenders set out on a perilous journey to find the true home of the giant. They are accompanied by Jia, a young orphan who has a strong relationship with the giant ape. Unexpectedly, an angry Godzilla stands in the way of the expedition, wreaking havoc around the world. The colossal clash between these two giants, orchestrated by hidden forces, is only the beginning of a mystery whose solution lies deep in the heart of the Earth.

Godzilla vs Kong was the first movie to gross more than $100 million in US cinemas during the coronavirus pandemic. The result was even more respectable as the show was also available on the HBO Max streaming platform. Overall, Warner Bros. The Legendary raised $468 million worldwide.

We would like to remind you that the series dealing with the adventures of Godzilla is being worked on in parallel with the sequel “Godzilla vs. Kong”. Part of the on-screen Monsterverse universe, the production was created for the Apple TV+ streaming service. The cast includes, among others, Kurt Wyatt Russell, Anna Sawai, Rin Watabi, Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tibbett and Elisa Lasowski.

Trailer for “Godzilla vs Kong”

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