Is Ghostbusters: Empire of Ice a “disgraceful sequel”?  Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes speak of “commercial desperation” and chaos
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20 Mar 2024, 21:20

Ghostbusters: Empire of Ice has been reviewed on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Opinions are divided about the new part of the series, but negative opinions seem to prevail.

Image credit: Ghostbusters: Empire of Ice, Gil Keenan, Columbia, 2024.


Ghostbusters: Ice Empire It is the next installment of the cult series that was launched in 1984. The plot this time revolves around an ancient artifact that caused New York to freeze in the middle of a hot summer. The production hits US cinema screens this weekend, so online Reviews of the latest film have appeared Of privilege. Critics seem to be divided, and have had strong words about the show.

The film first appeared in Rotten tomatoes With low grade. Currently on the site Only 45% of reviewers rated the production favorably. Some critics believe that the new production is better than the previous version and should appeal to younger viewers. Journalists praise the entire cast, the interesting villain and the overall atmosphere. They describe the session as fun and light.

Many critics But in the film he does not spare any bitter and harsh words. They talk about wasted potential. They accuse the creators of stirring nostalgia and not offering anything new to viewers. It is said that the action is too slow at times and the characters are too many. Below are excerpts from reviews – negative and positive:

This production had potential, however Ice empire Turns out it's a mixed bag with too many characters. All that's left is complete chaos – empire.

The franchise returns with a new version, A meaningless movie. […] It's time for Hollywood to abandon the franchise Ghostbusters joins Jurassic World I Aquamana In the trash And I thought of something new – Watchman.

Ghostbusters: Ice Empire to A shameful sequel. This addition to the franchise doesn't have the magic of the original. The latest release reeks of stench and necromancy. The series is fueled by commercial desperation and nothing else. telegraph.

Ghostbusters: Ice Empire They are not playing a formulaic game, but rather carefully balancing laughter and fear in a fundamental way Enjoyable, albeit light, viewingHollywood Reporter.

The franchise is back on track. […] Ice empire Sometimes it exceeds the green screen size and the action crashes a few times, but it's still big, noisy, and annoying Great fun trip About the amusement park – Chicago Sun-Times.

Ice empire It delivers thrills and chills in a sequel that is sure to please audiences. Cast members old and new return to New York with lots of laughs and a surprisingly emotional story – MovieWeb.

We'll soon find out what the next movie will be like. Ghostbusters: Ice Empire It will be shown in Polish cinemas April 5.

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