10 interesting facts about the movie "Titanic".  Even the biggest fans don't know it!  - right

Movie “Titanic”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, premiered in 1997. James Cameron directed it from his own script. The production was the first in history to exceed US$1 billion in revenue – in total, it generated more than US$2 billion. Here are some interesting facts from the movie that will surely interest every fan.

We can see a different rose and a different jack

Can you imagine a movie without Kate Winlet and Leonardo DiCaprio? Looks like they weren’t the first choice to play the roles of Jack and Rose. Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew McConaughey also talked about the role in the movie. James Cameron did not confirm this rumor, but he did not deny it either. I neither confirm nor deny. You shouldn’t talk about actors who decided not to take part in the movie, weren’t there, or decided they didn’t want to do it, or anything else, as the director once said in an interview.

Kate Winslet sent flowers to James Cameron

Kate Winslet has said in interviews that she got a phone number and called James Cameron himself, telling him, “I have to get that part. If you don’t throw me out, I’m going to be really pissed.” However, the actress later denied this novel, but admitted that she sent him roses and a note with the words: “From a rose.” – Jim took a chance. Several of the women who applied for the position—Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, and Winona Ryder—were more likely candidates. I was lucky – the actress admitted.

Jack, Rose and the Door

There has been debate for years as to why Rose does not move at the end of the movie and make way for Jack, allowing him to freeze in the cold Pacific waters. Cameron finally provided the answer. – It’s very, very simple. We read 147 pages of text that read, “Jack slips out the door to give Rose his place to stay,” he explained. If the manager says that, we have to believe it.

Who drew Rose?
Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, however, he does not have artistic abilities. As it turned out, the hands that we see in the scene where Jack draws Rose belong to the director James Cameron himself, who created a unique drawing.

J Dawson was real

Jack Dawson was a fictional character, but it turns out that there was a man on board the Titanic, whose name was J. Dawson. However, this is a coincidence, as David Cameron found out about it only after filming was completed.

Jeremy Sisto can play Jack Dawson

It’s also hard for us to imagine. However, it turns out that before casting DiCaprio as Jack Dawson, Jeremy Sisto underwent a screen test with Kate Winslet. However, there was no proper “chemistry” between them and he was denied any role. Years later, the actor admitted that “being a part of this process was very exciting for him”. “You broke my heart,” he asserted.

She was supposed to play Lindsay Lohan in the movie

8-year-old Lindsay Lohan was set to play Jack’s “best girl” Cora in the movie, but Cameron eventually found her red hair to look a lot like Rose’s.

The director did not plan the song “My Heart Will Go On”

Cameron wanted the film’s soundtrack to consist only of songs without lyrics. Things changed when composer James Horner teamed up with songwriter Will Jennings and singer Celine Dion to create a secret demo of the song “My Heart Will Go On,” which Cameron loved. The song made its way to the end of the credits, and the rest is history.

Titanic with an exceptional record

Currently, films are shown in cinemas for a maximum of one and a half months. Titanic was shown in US cinemas from December 19, 1997 to September 1, 1998 (the film then also appeared on VHS). This is the first and perhaps the only movie to do so.

The film crew was under the influence of drugs
Bill Paxton said in an interview that everyone got sick after the crew ate lobster soup. Some laughed, some cried, some vomited. At one moment I felt good, and the next I had a bloody anxiety – he said. It turns out that someone added PCP (a psychoactive substance) to the soup. To this day, the culprit is unknown.Read also:
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