March 26, 2023


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A gallows was built in the center of Lublin.  Here, dramatic scenes await

A gallows was built in the center of Lublin. Here, dramatic scenes await

Photos will be taken from Tuesday to Thursday. – The Polish-Canadian-American film is based on the biography of a young girl, Irina Gott, who was involved in underground activities and rescued Jews during World War II, reported Katharzina Duma, spokeswoman for the mayor of Lublin. Sophie Nellissi plays the main role.

Irina Gott was born in 1922 and experienced Hell during World War II. First, she was imprisoned and raped by the soldiers of the Red Army, and then she was sent to hard labor. And when she escaped, she fell into the hands of the Germans. A Nazi officer rented it in his villa in Tarnopol. In her cellars, she hid six Jews, hid another six in the woods, and regularly provided them with provisions. She wrote her story in a book, and now the filmmakers will tell it. Gut died 19 years ago in the United States.

Since the event takes place in 1940-45, it was necessary to correctly “mark” which parts of the city would become a movie theater. This is why the Mujahideen. There are boards and plaques modeled after the wartime, and there are also stalls with vegetables and other products. Rybna Street is impassable, Market Square can be reached via ul. Oil, which is now bi-directional, and traffic is directed by the plan’s security staff.

Part of the scene is also the gallows that appeared today in the Market Square near the Crown Court. Due to the work of the filmmakers, much of the market square is fenced off and inaccessible to pedestrians.

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The film is directed by Luoise Archambault and written by Dan Gordon. The film was produced with the financial support of the local government in Lublin in the amount of PLN 123,000. zloty.