Google is enabling RCS for every Android phone user

Google decided to take a serious step that will affect almost every Android phone user. From now on, RCS chat, the successor to SMS and MMS, will be enabled by default in the Google Messages app. Check out the benefits that RCS will bring to you on your smartphone.

Rich collection of contactsknown as RCS, is a relatively new standard for mobile communications. By default it should be The successor to SMSmore efficient and secure thanks to encryption from side to side.

Google is behind RCS chat, and it has been operating in Poland for the past 3 years. Apparently, the feature is mature enough to be considered a standard. Google decided to take an important step that will affect every user of Android phones.

RCS is now enabled in Google News by default

Google announced it from now on RCS is activated by default on all Android phones using the Google News app. This applies to both new and existing users. Of course, anyone can turn it off.

Another important part of the announcement relates to the completion of work on the aforementioned cipher from side to side for conference calls.

This means now All messages sent by RCS are visible only to the sender and receivernot to Google or its operators.

How to enable/disable RCS on Android smartphone?

trial Disable or enable RCS chat in the Google News app Childishly simple. Click on your profile icon, then Messaging app settingsand then RCS Chats. There you will also find other settings, for example Reports.

If your phone does not support RCS, it is most likely due to a lack of support from your carrier. If the problem is caused by something else, go back to Google support.

And how is RCS better than SMS or MMS? Here I will use the help of Orange Polska, which It states this on their website.

RCS vs. SMS i MMS / fot. Orange Polska


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