Is it worth buying Xiaomi Mi 10 in 2021?  current promotions

Is it worth buying Xiaomi Mi 10 in 2021? Sure, because it’s still a solid former flagship with a great battery. We’ve checked where we can find it at the lowest price.

Xiaomi Mi 10 It used to divide the competition by performance, a good AMOLED display and an excellent battery – not just for the main battery. Today you will buy it in a much smaller quantity. Question – Is this smartphone worth considering in 2021?

Let’s start with the Polish plot. According to the price comparison site, Xiaomi Mi 10 launches with A level just under 2400 PLN. It’s quite a lot, but still at an acceptable level and worth recommending at this price.

I was able to find the Xiaomi Mi 10 a bit cheaper on the Polish Amazon. This is where I would go to shop if I wanted to buy it myself. I found the offer that Amazon carried out without any problems, which ensures the security of transactions and excludes escrow issues. It can be yours for 2350 PLN.

What’s new in China? Unfortunately, this time there is no opportunity to buy attractive. None of the Chinese stores anymore offer the Xiaomi Mi 10 at a competitive price. Amazon remains the most reasonable option.

The best phones up to 3000 PLN You will find in our buying guide. This is a rack with well-priced new models and a previous flagship that are worth choosing instead of the more expensive models in 2021.

What smartphone up to 3000 PLN? Here are the best models to buy instead of an expensive flagship


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