Mateusz Damekski about nude scenes.  “Awesome day for pictures”

Matthews Damecki He has been working on movie sets since an early age. Viewers know him from Jurek’s small role in the TV series “Mothers, Wives and Mistresses” (1995). Julius Macholsky. Recently, the actor won the hearts of viewers with his role in Cyprian T. Olencki’s movie “Furioza”, where he demonstrated not only his acting skills, but also his impressive physical preparation. In the last interview, Mateusz Damekski talked about the spicy scenes on the set. The actor admitted that for some behavior you can lose your job.

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Mateusz Damekski on hot scenes: A cooler day of shooting

The actor admitted in an interview with that he had experience with erotic scenes – undressing, among other things. On the stage of the Bologna Theater in the play “Smack! 50 Shades of Grey”, as well as in the movie “Furiosa”.

For the first time, I experienced something that my younger colleagues already encountered on a daily basis at Netflix, HBO, or other producers with solid ground rules, like rehearsing for sex scenes.. This is something incredible to me,” he said.

Piotr Andrzejczak/MW Media

Matthews Damecki

Previously, the actor did not deal with sexual training on the set, so he approached her at a distance.

At first, I made fun of him. A friend told me what this rehearsal is like — you come in and sit down with the director and the actor and the actress, they open the paper and you say: »Can you touch your left bare breast with your right hand during the scene? We might write it. Or with the right hand on the left breast? I can not. The right buttocks can, for the left can not.

And everything is written. Of course, demonizing my head. Then we sat and it turned out that for me it was a wonderful thing (…). It’s a bit like the choreography of a good stunt scene.”

Matthews Damecki Andras Szilagyi/MW Media

Matthews Damecki

Mateusz Damecki admitted that all employees work in comfortable conditions on the set.

And in these rules it says how everyone must behave while this scene is being performedHow many people can be in the room, and how many people are allowed to watch this scene while it is being played out on the screens. It was very choppy, I thought, and then it turned out to be a much more fun day of shooting

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